Exams are finally coming...

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Come on. come on... come on ! That's probably what I should keep in mind, for the next three days. Yeah, exams are coming and I know I've done anything out here for a while. And by the way, I've plenty of things to tell you. These holidays were great, even though I will be in REAL holidays this week-end, not worrying for those f*cking exams, and waiting for the beginning of the S6, the last of the Licence degree... Yeah, 5 months and that's it... for this one ! Now, I've got to find another university to continue, for the Master degree in 2 years. Oh well, these times aren't as quiet as could have been the last two years, but anyway, that's funny. But for now, I just hope I will pass this exam.

Oh, you don't like when I'm speaking about studies ? Oh well, I change the topic then. I did some video game reviews the last few weeks, the first since a while ! Here they are. And I'm watching another anime. That's the first since some months ago too. Actually, I got a weird feeling about japanese animes now. Even if I loved them, I feel like, you know, a kind of redundancy that make them uninteresting for me. Always the same schemes : shojo is a love story worthy of a child, and shonen deals with self-transcendence. This fact really makes me bored. Oh, well, I told you I was watching one of them, so why ? Because it is not an anime like the others. That's not that kind of new manga coming on TVTokyo. Just an old, very old anime you should know if you're 18+ yo. No, no, not an hentai one, you perverts !

This anime released in 1985 and is called Shokujou Sara. Yeah, you maybe know it, it's Princesse Sarah in French. I always wanted to watch them again, because I never watched the beginning, nor the ending also... And well, I do not regret my choice. Amazing characters, gorgeous music, and a unique atmosphere that make you wondering how you could miss it all this time... Really, I'm amazed. Just get through your a priori and watch them all, you'll spend a good time, for sure.

Thank you guys for reading and see you later, and I almost forgot to tell you that first... Happy new year ! :)

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