Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves : is it this good ?

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When I talk about video games, I don't often speak about those bloody FPS or TPS, or more generally war games that I can't bear. With that in mind, you should wonder why I'm gonna talk about Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, which is exactly that kind of game. Hm, if I was honest, I could tell you that I enjoyed like it but as I'm not, well, this game sucks.. Ahem !

More seriously, and first of all, the graphics are really amazing. Textures and lights effects looks so good that a kind of photorealism sometimes appears. The focus effect also looks great, when you target some enemy with one of your gun, the 3D perspective is perfectly rendered on the screen, with an amazing depth of field for a console game. Besides, many reviews tell that it's the best looking game from the actual generation of video game consoles, and I can believe them, simply according to the multi-player part, already available on the PlayStation Store in a beta version. The first one ever was an great looking game, but the second has simply no equivalent yet on consoles.

I never mastered any TPS or FPS since this game ; and finally, that's not as difficult as I thought ! Anyway, the controls are quite simple to use and even if they are a bit heavy, they feel good after some hours playing. And it is so funny ! I couldn't stop it just some minutes ago. But I had to tell you about it, so obviously... :p

To sum up the Uncharted's main ways, I could say it's a mix between the Tomb Raider series and the recent Gears of War on Xbox. Tomb Raider for jungle and adventure, and Gears of War for the Gunfight/TPS factors. Nothing as bloody as the second one, but really a great soup which is well mixed.

The current Wikipedia page can help you to figure out what this game is more precisely about, or the official website.

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