Book review : Daniel Ichbiah's "La Saga des Jeux Vidéo" (2004)

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Actually, I do not really like books. Anyway, I try to read just a little bit since some weeks. And that's why I often go to my university's library ; there are plenty of them, in so many different topics that I can't tell you. Logical, would you tell me...

And I found that : "La Saga des Jeux Vidéo", with a big Pikachu on the face ; it would be great on the train or in the bus... :p However, I started to read it, and it felt good, so I rent it (for free, obviously). And I'm proud to announce I finished it in two weeks, from the first page to the last 350th (or so). Plenty of multiple anecdotes, Daniel Ichbiah count us via more than 20 chapters the behind-the-scene stories of the most popular video games, since its beginning in 1958 with the famous "Tennis for two".

Easy to read, except from some spelling mistakes, it's a real pleasure to travel through the years with him. Oh well, I'm just a little bit frustrated because the author often speaks about video game development but he never goes deeper. That's the main issue I would give off. Anyway, this is still a very good book I recommend you (if you find it obviously..), if you've got some time to loose learning a lot of cool stuff about the video game world.

See ya all !

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