Movie review : Avatar ; Hymne la vie

Ancre vers l'article Billet publié le 01/02/2010 15:53

I'm not so kind of movies. I rarely go to the cinema and the last time I did were about six months ago. But actually, I really don't regret it. James Cameron's Avatar is one of those movies that stay in your mind for a long time. People wrote so many things about this movie that I don't know where to start. Maybe with the amazing world of Pandora, the outstanding 3D visual effects, or the so interesting story. Avatar is a long, very long movie, but you can't feel it, everything is appealing that your mind is not on Earth anymore.

For sure, one of those movies you've got to see, again and again !

PS : Oh well I know this article is so short I wouldn't have done it. But after all, this movie is so much more interesting than this blog entry that I can't stand writing anything about it.

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