[+] S5 getto daze !

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Yeah, exams finished some weeks ago, but we had to wait several ones to finally get our results. And they are comin' tomorrow ! Yeah, as I said in the title "S5 getto daze" means I got it, so you should wonder why I already know it. Exceptionally, I would thank the university's administration. Usually, they have information about nothing, and they're always late in their work.

But a little girl there impressed me today, telling she couldn't give me my results, and then searching on her computer if I finally passed those exams. And yeah ! I got them ! So thanks to her, even though I know she'll never take a look over here but well, anyone knows...

Now it's time for the - last but not least - S6, that open the gates for the master degree, I will start next year, if nothing goes wrong... Until then, see ya all ! :)

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