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Basically, these two or three last weeks were pretty exhausting. Full of things to learn and to do, full of things to remember, full of projects and full of line code. Actually, I feel so full that my head would explode if it could. But I could not start this article without speaking about my birthday party that happened two weeks ago (yes, I'm late shame on me u_u). Actually, and as I already told you, I was too busy to make some stuff over here. But things could change after my exams, next January 10th.

I celebrated my birthday on November 14th, yes, just a bit before my real birthday, but I had not choice ; some people would not be able to come. Anyway, it was great. I mean everybody I am close with were here, and everything happened like I hoped for. The video my friends prepared for me was more than 1 hour long and the gifts they gave me were absolutely fantastic. We spent a wonderful evening, playing games, laughing out loud (loling then :p), remembering the past and enjoying ourselves. Yes, thanks to you guys for all you've done for me, that was absolutely amazing.

What about studies ? Well, actually it requires a lot of free time, and definitely more than the past two years. English still is interesting, but it's hard to understand as I've got a poor vocabulary, and others lessons are quite harder than before. The last thing I hope for is to pass my exams, with a good mark obviously. Time spent on studies this semester has to be done for something, and I hope it will be.

What about other stuff ? Actually, I receive my Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves game for PS3 and it is that good, as I told you, when I was playing the multiplayer beta few months ago. I also started to make some PSP soft. And that's very interesting, trust me.

Finally, I'm already going. I've got to work on some lessons, for another exam next week ! So see you, and leave comments ! :o)

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